Psychology F.A.Q.

Psychology,is the science of psychic reality of how an individual feels, sees, thinks and acts. For a good understanding of the human psyche, psychology studies mental regulation of animal behavior and the function of such artificial systems, such as computers.

Definition of the psychology subject has always depended on how representatives its schools understand it. But today many psychological concepts quite well, though eclectic, get along with each other.

Psychology is now defined not so much in accordance with the theoretical expectations of a school or a system, but in terms of industry-specific research, such as experimental psychology, social psychology, clinical psychology (or psychopathology), psychology of learning, perception, motivation, emotions, personality, comparative psychology, applied psychology, developmental psychology. Within each of these branches are opposite points of view and positions, but together they form a wide variety of theories and methodological systems, allowing to use different approaches for the study of human psychology.