How To Become A Therapist – Step By Step Guide

how to become a psychology

I often get the question of how to determine whether a person has the data to psychotherapy as a profession. Answer in detail. To become a therapist, you need two sets of data: personal data and training. Personal data To be successful in this profession, you must have: – Love for people. Not at all […]

Psychology Theories – The Main Theories in Psychology

psychology theories

You will need to study various theories in psychology at the university or a college while studying it. Psychological theories have created plenty of knowledge in the field of human behavior that is currently available. No mater if you study social work, women’s study, or even business studies, theories in psychology will always come up. […]

Psychologist vs Psychiatrist – A Complete Comparison

Psychologist vs Psychiatrist

When we feel that our life eludes us out of control, when we are no longer able to control on their own emotions and behavior – we are looking at yourself in the mirror in the face and make a decision about a visit to the doctor. We do not take into account the doctor […]

Psychologist Salary – Top Paying Psychology Jobs

psychologist salary

Psychology has its roots in multiple subjects. With this diversity comes the diverse nature of salaries that each field in psychology offers. We will discuss them starting from highest level to the lowest level. Note: The pay scale varies according to where you reside. Psychiatrist In the United States, this is considered as the highest […]

How To Become a Psychologist – Step By Step Guide

how to become a psychologist

Psychology is the science of the intellects, characters and behavior of animals including man. Edward Thorndike To become a psychologist requires first that the person applying has basic eligibility to seek, and Mathematics B and Society A, where the score should be at least Distinction. In addition to this is also needed at least one […]

Positive Psychology – What is All About

positive psychology

 The greatest discovery of my generation is that a human being can alter his life by altering his attitudes of mind. -William James In the beginning, psychology focused particularly on the Psychopathology and emotional pain, and how to find ways to prevent and overcome it, but failed to study persons who felt full, happy and […]

Forensic Psychology – A Cheat Sheet for Applicants – Students

Forensic Psychology

History Of Forensic Psychology During the year 1901, William Stern researched on memory course recollection. He asked his fellow students to analyze a particular image and then asked them a few questions related to the images. His researched showed that recalled memories are not precise generally. Police forces regularly take the help of Lead-in query […]

Masters in Psychology – Top 10 Most Wanted Programs

Masters in Psychology

University of Connecticut For those looking for a master in psychology, the University offers wide range of graduate programs. They offer specialization from behavioral neuroscience to clinical psychology. The University offers easy graduate application on the official website that may also be used for financial aid. Binghamton University This institute offers psychology in three categories: […]

Top 10 Online Schools For Psychology – The Ultimate Resource

Online Schools For Psychology

Psychology has been the primary topic specially in liberal colleges of arts. As long as there is existence of human beings, the study of an individual, a particular group, as well as their behavior will never end. The list of the following schools was created based on student feedback, academics, undergraduate level opportunities for specialized […]

Emile Durkheim

Emile Durkheim

Emile Durkheim (born April 15, 1858, France – died November 15, 1917, Paris) was a French philosopher and sociologist of Hebrew origin, the founder of the French school of sociology, with the largest contribution in establishing academic sociology as science and the humanities acceptance. Emile Durkheim in his family there was a strong religious tradition, […]